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Chattahoochee River Club Quiet Title Litigation


Sorry, but the Horse has left the Barn on the
No Cost Settlement Opportunity for CRC Residents

Note to CRC Residents: Please understand that we tried our best to inform all of you of the issues to be resolved in the Quiet Title action and to do so amicably. Twenty one of the households in your neighborhood took advantage of the olive branch we extended to all of you and we make no apologies for what is to come for the rest of you. If you are a CRC resident who was unaware of the Quiet Title Action or the issues involved in it, simply let us know and we will work through it with you.

Scheduled Mediation Date with CRC HOA and Other Defendants is in:


CRC Residents Taking Advantage of Individual Settlement Opportunity

Most Recent Update: November 15, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m.


Possible Defendants


Signed Quitclaim Deeds


Settlement Sign-ups


Defendants to Add

The Litigation Stay Will Be Over Before You Know It

The Next Court Deadline is in:

This matter is currently pending before the Georgia Court of Appeals and has been assigined to its August Term. The Georgia Constitution requires all cases assigned to the August Term to be decided no later than March 16, 2020. Once the case has been disposed of by Georgia's Appellate Courts, the stay will be lifed and all parties will be able to proceed as they deem appropriate.

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