Chattahoochee River Club Quiet Title Litigation

December 7, 2022

This webpage details a controversy between Plaintiffs Mommies Properties, LLC ("Mommies"), Vinay Bose ("Bose") and Berkely Investments, LLC ("Berkely") and Defendants Chattahoochee River Club Homeowners' Association, Inc. ("CRC HOA"), John Richards ("Richards"), Jeb Sundgren ("Sundgren") and John Paximadis ("Paximadis") regarding property (the "Equestrian Center Property") located in the Chattahoochee River Club Subdivision ("CRC") in Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia. All of this started as a result of events that took place in the CRC in 2016 and 2017, with Plaintiffs eventually filing a quiet title lawsuit on October 24, 2018 whose purpose was to free the Equestrian Center Property from a cloud on its title and which also sought damages for various transgressions by Richards, Sundgren, Paximadis and Tim Dineen ("Dineen") (collecively, the "Four Horsemen") and the CRC HOA.

This matter at one time included all of the residents of the Chattahoochee River Club neighorborhood in Forsyth County, Georgia (over 1,600 Defendants that Plaintiffs were required to serve) and was set for a two week jury trial that was to commence on December 5, 2022 against the CRC HOA, Richards, Sundgen and Paximadis, with a number of critical hearings set to take place before the Honorable Jeffery S. Bagley, Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Forsyth County, Georgia, on the morning of December 1, 2022. The matter was resolved by mutual agreement at around 10:30 p.n. on November 30, 2022, with the terms of the settlement presented to Judge Bagley on December 1, 2022. While the terms of the final settlement itself are confidential, the proceedings themselves are a matter of public record, with all of the pleadings and evidence being on file with the Clerk of the Superior Court of Forsyth County, Georgia in the records pertaining to a certain civl action styled Vinay Bose, Mommies Properties, LLC and Berkely Investments, LLC v. John Richards, Chattahoochee River Club Homeowners' Association, Inc., Jeb Sundgren, John Paximadis and Alecia Flowers Early, Trustee of the FEF Trust, Civil Action File No. 18-CV-1887-1, Superior Court of Forsyth County, Georgia (the "CRC HOA Lawsuit").