Legal Fees and Billing

You should be aware that the provision of legal services often includes intangible benefits bestowed by resolving conflicts and giving advice and other counsel which will prevent issues from arising in the future. You also should be aware that in providing professional services on your behalf, the only thing I have to sell is my time, which includes, without limitation, meetings, telephone calls, legal research, preparing and reviewing correspondence, pleadings and agreements, court appearances, travel to and from meetings, court, closings and other matters that I attend on your behalf, and consultations with other attorneys or parties in furtherance of my representation of you. While there are times I will charge flat fees, contingency fees or some combination of the two for services rendered on your behalf, most of the time my billing will depend on the actual amount of time I spend working for you.

All new clients are required to complete, sign and return a Professional Services Agreement before I will commence any work on their behalf. I generally do not offer free consultations and prefer to meet with prospective clients in person unless the circumstances make same impractical. I require adequate assurances of payment before I will undertake any work on your behalf and generally require retainers for work for new clients.

My fees for services rendered will be at an hourly rate that is agreed upon prior to my commencing any work on your behalf, with time spent on a matter calculated to the nearest tenth of an hour. I do not charge for normal copying and postage, facsimile transmissions, parking, mileage or long distance telephone charges, although I generally charge for travel time at my normal hourly rate and will pass through courier and overnight delivery fees, filing fees and other expenses to you at my cost. I charge flat fees for certain services and will always discuss the fee arrangement with you prior to commencing any work on your behalf.

Click on the link below to print my Professional Services Agreement and return it to me.

Agreement Regarding Professional Services